With the decreasing attention span of people today, it's getting harder to get the general population to complete surveys. The few people that would do so are generally biased towards people who can be incentivized by low value rewards or have lots of free time.

Vodus solves this by inventing the One-Question Media Tracking Online Survey (OMTOS) methodology that is more accurate, faster and cost effective.

Our research solution is able to achieve all that by utilizing the combined reach of 17 million Malaysians (53% of population) and content variety (from Chinese to Malay, sports to fashion, religious to tech, entertainment to business, ...) of the largest media companies in Malaysia to draw large unbiased samples to obtain market insights that truly represents the population.


17 million active panelists in Malaysia (53% of population)

Media content (news, sports, movies, TV series etc) as incentives

More representative sample (everyone consumes media content!)

High degree of random sampling across a wide variety of media platforms

Fast Insights

Low cost


Our innovative One-question Media Tracking Online Survey (OMTOS) is a low disruption survey method that encourages up to 90% response rate from 17 million Malaysians to bring you insights that accurately represents the Malaysian people.

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